QUOTES about Kelly Bear

from Professionals, from Children, from Parents

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Students Hands Up"The Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S Program is wonderful! My son talks about what he learned all of the time." -- Peggy Parker


"Since the Program began, my daughter has worked harder a school. She asks more questions and seems happier." -- John Fourier


"This is a perfect age to teach these important lessons like taking care of ones body and making good choices." -- Carolyn Meadows


"Kelly Bear helped my son learn how to control his anger and not to act out before he thinks. He uses the Steps to Solving Problems." -- Anita Garcia

S.T.F.A Posters by Kelly Bear Resources"The hand signals in S.T.F.A. (Stop, Think, Feel, and Act in a kind way) help him think before he acts, and he gets along better with other children."
-- Melissa Bowen

"The DVDs and songs are age appropriate and have taught my daughter valuable life skills like, 'Don’t give up; keep trying.'" -- Connie Armstrong


"As a result of the healthy living DVD, my daughter makes good food choices and knows how to refuse anything that would hurt her body" -- Marilyn Foster


"I love how the Kelly Bear resources encourage and validate children’s concerns and feelings. My son likes to read his Kelly Bear book to his little brother." -- Alison Dill


Parent and child read Kelly Bear book"The beauty of the books is that they encourage children to talk in an open ended way. I certainly recommend them to other single parents." -- Janice Laney


"Reading the Kelly Bear books with my son helped me LISTEN to him. Our relationship has improved." -- Brian Miller

"Reading the Kelly Bear Drug Awareness book with my grandson provided the opportunity for me to explain my ideas about alcohol and tobacco, and for him to ask important questions."
-- Edith Hardnet

"Kelly Bear is not only a very good role model, but he has become a friend to my children. They really think hard about what Kelly Bear might do in certain situations. As a family, we have enjoyed the communication the books open up between us and our children." -- Mary Burt


 Family reading Kelly Bear book together