Inviting Parental Involvement through Survey Forms

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Parental involvement has been shown to enhance student achievement in school. When parents participate in their child's education, both parents and children benefit. Involvement may be initiated by having parents complete the following or a translated form when registering their child, or during open houses, school programs or parent conferences.

Parental Survey Form

(This form may be modified to support the specific needs
and situations of a particular school or classroom.)

Print Name  
Child or Children's Name(s) and Grade(s)  
Please check any interests or hobbies you might be willing to share: ____ Woodworking
____ Cooking
____ Sewing
____ Art
____ Drama
____ Music
____ Poetry
____ Storytelling
____ Gardening
____ Photography

____ Martial arts
____ Dancing
____ Gymnastics
____ Fishing
____ Travel
____ Science experiments
____ Computers
____ Sports (Which ones?):


Check any of the following activities that interest you:

____ Volunteering in a classroom
____ Coordinating volunteers for school functions
____ Tutoring a child or group of children
____ Assisting with field trips
____ Helping create a classroom newsletter
____ Donating requested materials
____ Training an academic team
____ Sharing information on your culture or language
____ Being a translator
____ Discussing your occupation
____ Coaching an athletic team
____ Working on playground improvement
____ Participating in fundraising
____ Helping create a website or brochure
____ Serving on an advisory site council
____ Helping write grant proposals
____ Being an officer in the parent-teacher organization
____ Attending Board of Education meetings
____ Representing the school to legislators
____ Connecting with community members, resources and/or services to further their commitment to quality schools
____ Other (please describe):


When are you available to participate?  
What concerns do you have about your child or this school?  
What needs do you have?  
Additional comments:

Editor's Note: For more information on encouraging parental involvement, see Increasing Parent Involvement in Schools and Ten Ways to Involve Fathers in Their Children's Education articles listed in Teacher/Counselor Ideas.

Used by permission of the author, Leah Davies, and selected from the Kelly Bear website []. 7/02

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