Kelly Bear "Making Choices" Activity

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Name ___________________________________________________________

Kelly Bear says, "When you feel bad inside, you can choose what to do."

There are four answer choices for each of the following statements. Two are helpful actions you could take and two are not helpful. After reading each situation, circle the letter of the choice you would make or write a different answer by letter “e.”

What choice will you make?

1. You are angry because someone took your game.
a. Grab it back.
b. Say, “I don’t like it when you take my things.  It makes me mad!”
c. Ask the child if he wants to play.
d. Hit the person.

e. _________________________________________________________________
2. You feel lonely because your best friend will not play with you.
a. Say, “I’ll never play with you again!”
b. Say,  “I wish you would play with me now, but maybe we can play together tomorrow.”
c. Run away and hide.
d. Ask another child to play.

e. __________________________________________________________________
3. You are embarrassed because you fell off your bike and the other children laughed.
a. Talk to a grown-up or friend about how you feel.
b. Say mean things to the children who are laughing.
c. Say, “I feel embarrassed when you laugh at me, because I don't do that to you.”
d. Fight with them.

e. ___________________________________________________________________
4. You feel jealous because your mom is too busy to listen to you.
a. Scream, “I hate you!”
b. Eat a large box of cookies.
c. Write a note to your mom telling her how you feel.
d. Say, “I need some attention. When will you have some time to listen to me?”

e. __________________________________________________________________
5. You are sad because you could not go to a movie with your friend.
a. Say to yourself, “I’m going to find something fun to do.”
b. Hit your brother, sister or pet.
c. Yell and scream.
d. Write down or draw a picture of how you feel.

e. __________________________________________________________________
6. You feel frustrated because you had to stay home to help your parent clean up instead of visiting your friend.
a. Complain a lot.
b. Smile and do the work quickly.
c. Pout and refuse to help.
d. Talk with your parent to work out a plan to go another time.

e. __________________________________________________________________
7. You are scared because someone is being mean to you.
a. Say, "Leave me alone!" and walk away.
b. Talk to a grown-up about it.
c. Stay home from school
d. Call him or her bad names.

e. __________________________________________________________________
8. You feel angry at yourself because you got a poor grade on a test.
a. Study harder the next time
b. Blame the teacher.
c. Ask if you can do any extra work to help your grade.
d. Slam your books down and say, "I will never study again!"

e. __________________________________________________________________
9. You are sad because your sports team lost a game.
a. Call the team members a bunch of losers.
b. Congratulate the other team members.
c. Say bad words.
d. Say to your team members, “Let’s practice more so we’ll do better next time.”

e. __________________________________________________________________
10. You feel frustrated because your brother or sister won't leave you alone.
a. Try to talk to him or her to work out the problem.
b. Hit or push your brother or sister.
c. Talk to your parent about it.
d. Play tricks on him or her.

e. __________________________________________________________________

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Used by permission of the author, Leah Davies, and copied from the Kelly Bear website [].

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